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I beg for books

Book reading is my passion . I read books every day before my sleep. I read different books depending on the topics. And it depends on the mood which topic I will read next.

Generally I read books on History, geopolitics, biographies and sometimes fiction as well.

There are a large collection of books which are available free of cost online, there are many books which i want to read but they are not available on any free store and are relatively expensive against my tiny budget. For example a book “Thinking fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman and a book Named “Sapiens” The history of Mankind by Yuval Noah Harari, i wanted to read but i can not afford to buy these. And i beg for few books

Reading books helps my brain to be more active and it gives my brain a different kind of work out than watching TV listening to the radio. Reading helps me to find out the new real me, gives me a different perspective of life.

Reading Expose me to new things, new information, new understanding, new ways to handle situations and new ways to solve them, While reading i understand things in different perspective, it makes me realize and understand World and myself in a different way, Reading helps me to find new hobbies, and make me explore things.

I love to read because reading helps me to be better, i think through reading i can have a better understanding on a topic that interests me, This will help me to become better, As you all know books gives a lot of knowledge and information, which in many ways can be really beneficial, As it says Knowledge is the key to success and hence having knowledge about life, about different things helps me to move ahead in life and will make my brain sharper and make me smarter. Knowledge gives me the better understanding, Reading is an effective memory booster as well.

Reading increases my imagination and Creativity, It gives me different ideas and understanding, Reading sparks the imagination, When i read, i took off into the new world, This thing nurtures my brain to develop ideas for new worlds and other possibilities, this sparks imagination. Reading helps me to understand differently.

Through books I can learn new words, statements and grammar. It will also save me cash. By not joining any course and directly learning through books, self-education is a great way to learn.

Reading A true story about A person who has faced a lot of obstacles and still had achieved a lot in his life, motivates me to take a step towards my goals and dreams, From long i wanted to take action in order to fulfill my dream, but i was afraid that i might fail, but books removes that worry and stress from me and helps me to move towards my goals and dreams, and also makes me understand That Failure is not a disappointment it’s an Experience, And that i will never fail i will learn from them.. And this learning must help me to move ahead in life and try more intelligently

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