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I beg for Bicycle

Bicycle is a traditional vehicle used by students and people who can not afford motorcycles and cars. It is a very inexpensive vehicle that does not require any type of fuel. It is a very lightweight vehicle that could be easily handled by even children. Cycling helps us in the shaping of our body, most importantly it is a pollution-free vehicle. It is eco-friendly to our environment. Although, people think bicycles are for children and often ignore the positive physical and mental health benefits of cycling. Cycling is quite easy as compared to other exercises like jogging, but some people enjoy jogging. But jogging could give some injuries like shin splints, runners knee, but if I talk about cycling, cycling does not cause any such injuries. Additionally, cycling provides an efficient and low impact cardiovascular workout. Cycling also helps to overcome stress.

I have been riding a bicycle since childhood. I love cycling. In childhood, I and my friends used to have bicycle races. I used to go to school by bicycle, at that time my bicycle was my Hero Bike. I used to clean it every single day. I also used to go for taekwondo classes in the evening by bicycle. I am always looking for excuses to ride a bicycle. Since, I used to do cycling a lot, my immune system was quite healthy. I am tallest one in my family, and credit for that goes to cycling. Cycling also helps in enhancing height to some level. So, I suggest everyone enjoy cycling because it has numerous benefits to our health.

After a few years my bicycle is old, some parts of it are rusty, But, I still use it, and I enjoy every single ride of it as before. I have noticed that my craze about cycling has not yet finished. I like fast cycling and over the years, I have also learned to do stunts with a bicycle and now I am becoming adept at it. when my friends see me doing this stunt, they all praise me. I would feel proud to see myself doing this. But now my bicycle does not support me in doing this stunt. Because my bicycle is old and damaged.

So that’s why I am begging for a geared bicycle. Since childhood, I have a desire to ride a geared bicycle. Geared bicycles are very comfortable, the geared bicycle runs very fast. The bicycle with gears runs quite smoothly.It also has disc brakes, which are much better than traditional rim brakes. I have a keen desire, to get a geared bicycle. In this modern era almost everyone has a geared bicycle. So, whenever I get a geared bicycle, I will enjoy it to the fullest. So I just pray to god that I can get a geared bicycle as soon as possible. This will be the happiest day of my life when I receive a geared bicycle. So in the end, all I want to say is that I want to get a geared bicycle and begging for it.

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