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I beg for bicycle

A bicycle is a small, humanoid power-driven land vehicle with a seat. It has two wheels, two pedals, and a metallic chain linked to cogs on the pedals and back wheel. Riding bicycles is also known as cycling. It is a vital and cheap way to travel on numerous paths of the world. Cycle sport is an inexpensive bodily exercise using bicycles. There are numerous kinds of bicycle racing counting road bicycle racing, cyclo-cross, time trailing, highland bike racing, path cycling, and cycle speedway.
I need a sports cycle because I am participating in an event of cycle racing. It was my dream to take part in cycle racing once in my life. Now I am getting an opportunity to fulfill my dream. But I have no bicycle yet. All of my fellows have cyclocross bicycles for this event and I am also looking for this type of cycle. Cyclocross bicycles are an unusual type of road bike made to be raced on a varied surface course (a combination of pavement, grass, unpaved trails, gravel). They have a down handlebar like regular road bikes, but the tires are a slighter broader for more off-road grip, and they have a dissimilar design of handbrake that prevents from mud build-up in the frame. These bicycles are also known as cross bikes or cx bikes.
I am asking for a bicycle not only for the sake of this event but I am also very fond of riding. There are various advantages of cycling-related to health. Because of cycling, legs get strained, and the height of the body increases up-to a few inches. Cycling burns many calories, so the right diet will help the body shape the right body muscles. Calf muscles will turn out to be strong and lean after live cycling, ensuing in lengthier legs and height increases.
In addition, according to WHO (The World Health Organization), cycling can decrease the danger of cancers, heart illness, and diabetes that are predominant in sedentary routine. When it comes to burning calories, cycling is a much quicker way to lose mass as compared to walking. On smooth ground, a 300-pound person would burn unevenly 1200 calories cycling for an hour (depending on speed). Whereas the same person would burn only about 600 calories per hour walking. Moreover, the mixture of a healthy diet and exercise is the most actual way to reduce tummy. Cycling is a boundless workout to add to the fitness regime. It is a very operative exercise that can support everyone to live healthy for a long period of life and a person can reach weight loss goals quicker.
Before coming to this platform, I have tried my best to get a bicycle from my parents but I could not get it. So, I am asking here for this. Kindly support me by giving this type of bicycle. I shall be very thankful to you and waiting for you.

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