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I beg for Bicycle

The importance of easy movement in this present age can not be overemphasized. Having a cycle, car, plane, ship etc tends to help a lot in easing transportation. As humans we all need things to be easily done hence the reason owning any of the above is a great necessity. I might not be able to own the higher ones since I’m just a student with no stream of income and also struggling to raise money to carter for me little needs, that’s why I would love to start with owning a bicycle and this is because i believe every journey starts with a step and in everything one must start from small before aiming for the bigger ones.

I beg for a bicycle because having one will help ease my far daily walk to school routing. If I own a bicycle I would be able to get to school on time and meet all my classes in time without missing any, unlike now that i do miss first classes due to my lateness to school.

I beg for a bicycle because if I have one I wont miss sunday school lectures in church due to let coming. If I’m able to get one I will be able to meet up with my church early morning prayers and also participate in sunday school activity of which I happen to be a teacher and also a member of my church choir.

I beg for a bicycle knowing that if I have one I will be carrying my younger one with me when going to school so they won’t miss school and also meet up with class activities in time. I can also use it as a means of transportation to the market, church, football field, stadium, parks, shop and also to visit friends and family.

I beg for a bicycle because cycling has a lot of positive impact in the human body. Consistent Cycling helps protect one from heart diseases such as stroke heart attack, some cancers, depression, diabetes, obesity and arthritis. I beg for a bicycle because riding a bike is very healthy, fun and a low-impact form of exercise for all ages. Exercise like cycling will improve my cardiovascular health, lift my mood, and boost my general fitness and well being.

I beg for a bicycle because ever since the days of my childhood I have never own any before and I always wish I could own one. Its been like a dream for me and I will be very glad to own one and above all it will be of great help to me in all ramifications and even to those within me.

I believe there are lot of good people out there who can come to my aid in regards to my owning a bicycle. Although there are lots of reasons why I need a bicycle but for now this is all I can say but I will be really grateful if anyone can come to my aid and help me own a bicycle for the first time in my life.

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