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I beg for an Oven

Oven is an electrical equipment which is very useful in our daily life. It is very common and helpful nowadays and we can see it in every home. It has provided a lot of ease in our lives. Within a minute we can heat our food. It serves as an important thing for a lot of cooking purposes. We can cook various bakery items in it. We can find oven in various places like restaurants, homes and even in all workplaces where staff works more hours and they feel hungry.
Cooking has become easier with the invention of oven. People can make cup noodles in only 2 minutes by heating them in oven. Oven are made with different styles and shapes even. There are large ovens in which we can bake things and do all the cooking purposes but the small ovens are used for mostly heating the food. We can make mug cakes with the help of oven. There are several other items we can make by using ovens within a short interval of time.
I have accomplished a degree in cooking course and therefore I want to utilize my skills. Because I am enjoying vacations these days. I want to bake a lot of things to test my skills. But the major problem I face is that my oven is not working and I have tried to fix it many times but it did not work out. The only solution to this problem is that I have to buy a new oven which is not convenient for me. Job of my husband is not going well and he is getting less salary than usual therefore I cannot demand for a new oven right now.
In past, I used to bake things and sell them and earn money. This way I could help my husband to fulfill the expenses of our home but now due to damage of oven I am not able to help him either. Due to all of the financial crises we are facing, I need an oven very badly. I want to make all the delicious things which I have learned while studying.
My children can easily make fries and heat food on their own because all they have to do was the basic task. But now for every little thing they have to call me and ask me to do because they do not know how to cook on stove. For me cooking in oven is much easier than cooking on a stove because stove is very time-consuming.
I have always wanted to be an independent women regarding earning money. And sitting home idle is not my style neither my hobby. I feel stressed when I have to spend my time doing nothing because I get millions of thoughts regarding my financial problem. This is one of the major reason I want to go back to my normal routine where I could bake and cook at the same time. And I could cook several items at a time. Because this way, I could earn more and help my household even faster.


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