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I beg for an oven

An oven is a kitchen equipment used in baking of cakes, bread, cookies, and tasty pastries. The equipment at hand is electronic and comes in many forms and sizes depending on the company brand and customer requirement for the electronic device.

I am an esteemed baker with a passion for baking and making different flour composites that would suite and please you. Baking is one of the best things that I can do with my life especially because it gives me joy and satisfaction in doing it. I remember one time I made cookies during a yard sale with my neighbor’s oven in my village and every one was very proud of my accomplishments urging me to keep up the spirit. Evidently that was one of the best days in my life and i guess that was the day i developed the passion for the craft.

With the on going COVID-19 pandemic, life has been very tough with many people experiencing deaths and illnesses in my society. The environment is very sad and the feeling of hopelessness lingers in the air. Most people haven’t been able to get things done while some of my friends and neighbors have lost their jobs. What can i say the year has been tough! I believe if someone is able to donate an oven to me i can be able to change the atmosphere out here and at least make the people, even if it is one person happy with my baking.

It has always been my desire to bake apple turnovers which i am sure will be loved by many people in our community. My desire is to supply to people even at their doorstep since now that movements have been minimized due to the situation at hand; the COVID-19 pandemic. This would also be an improvement of my baking skills since i will also be able to try out more recipes that i am willing to learn from the bakers that i highly esteem.

Currently, i do not have an available oven to make this happen as i am not lucky to have one. The electronic device is very expensive for me to afford and with the current situation at home, my guardians are not able to afford it either. Previously, ive been lending the equipment from my neighbor but i think it has been too much. I believe i have to get one on my own before i get into trouble with someones property especially with the bitter weather around, it would be naive to believe no bad blood could arise out of something minor.
A generous donation to purchase the equipment would come in handy to help me improve on the living situation at home as well as keep my mind off the pandemic and constant illness around by focusing on my passion for baking.

Getting the oven from you would bring so much joy in my life. It would also help me improve in my baking skills in providing better and tastier cupcakes, cookies, cakes, and also bread which in turn will reciprocate to a happier environment to my village people.


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