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I beg for an online English client.

I hope this post finds you well. I am a South African that is looking to get experience in teaching English. I wanna be an online English client that I have moved from my home to Vietnam to pursue a career in teaching English as a foreign language, however this journey has been plagued by many issues. First, the coronavirus has closed schools and meant that in my many months since moving here, I have not been able to find employment. Second, my laptop has broke and I am not able to get it fixed as I have no money for that at the moment and I am not tech savvy enough to order parts and fix it myself. Finally, I have no formal experience teaching English as a foreign language, which I believe is hurting my prospects for mobile based teaching jobs. Many of the online English jobs hire only American and Canadians and neglect English speakers from Ireland, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, making my potential pool of employers quite shallow. I beg for being an online English client.

What I am begging for here is an opportunity to teach English via a mobile platform, like skype, where I can practice my teaching and become confident while teaching online and in the classroom. This would help me pass my interviews and succeed in the classroom. I do not require payment, however I am not opposed to payment, as I am mostly searching for experience to build up my resume. Because of this, the sooner I could begin teaching or working on your English with you or someone you know the better, as it will help me immensely in the coming weeks when coronavirus slows down and schools once again begin hiring teachers.

Because of the quarantine/self-isolation situation going on in the world, I am currently free all hours of the day and night to teach English of any type, be it English for beginners, intermediate, or even just conversation practice to habituate people to speaking English on a regular basis. The online Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) course I took was 120 hours long with an additional 40 hours specifically tailored towards early learners, so I believe I am more suited teaching younger kids, but I am open to anything and everything.

My ultimate goal here would be to practice developing lesson plans and evaluation rubrics, so I could eventually create my own in person or online English centre.

Should you or anyone you know be looking to learn English or to practice their conversational English, I would love to help and am begging for you to give me an opportunity to help you out. With many people being forced into quarantines and self-isolation all around the world, I think this is a great time for people to begin studying online, and by aiding me in finding online English students, it would be mutually beneficial as I can gain experience and someone else can learn or improve their English while remaining in the safety of their own home.

Thank you for reading and I hope you can help me out to an online English client.

Have a nice day!

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