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I beg for an office desk

An office desk is a piece of crucial office furniture that is essential in an organizational or company office suite. It provides the platform surface where great deals are made and the surface for the signing of contracts as well as a surface for conducting of business works and projects. It provides a sense of business in an office suite environment giving clients a sense of seniority as well as trust in the business process at hand. Being a start-up company, office equipment such as desks are very crucial in the job group environment.

I am a freelance agent providing real estate services and I was been able to acquire office space for my service. My job requires me to meet up with clients, provide workable real estate solutions to develop modern estates and provide a payment strategy between tenants and landowners. This requires me to meet up with different people each time to settle the business dues.
With the impending COVID-19 doom in the world, my business has deteriorated to an event I had to lose my office space and sell the subsequent furniture that was available in order to provide for my family. The ongoing spread has pushed me to set up office space at my residence in order to try to boost up whats left of my business which is on the verge of failure if no immediate action is taken to salvage it. I’ve tried to acquire some capital from my close associates but all of them are stacked I up in their own problem as well. Getting a loan on the other hand has proven to be futile from Sacco and banks denying me the benefit of the doubt with no security to their money once loaned to me.
I hear-by heed to anyone who can hear my cry to donate me with an office desk in order to set up my home office. The pandemic has drained me dry and at the moment I am not able to supplement myself with the required equipment to set up the office. I am left stranded with no solution on how to get the desk with just the hope of a good Samaritan in this platform to help me achieve my business dignity. The office desk will be a stepping stone to help me get back on track to my business rails.
The business being low and all, the proper set up in this industry will be present a workable business environment in order to seal the deal and I got the niche on how to kick to start the business strategy but I can not be able to achieve this without the office desk. My place of residence provides a strategic position to bring in clients for the time being and thus as you can see your donation to this would bring so much joy to my self as well as my family as I am the sole breadwinner. More blessings will follow you and you will be able to receive peace of mind knowing that your donation was worthwhile to someone. Thank you


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