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I beg for an education

The difference between the well to do and those of us who are just scraping by is mostly down to the quality of the education. Minus a few outliers; the primary secret to success is a well-rounded education. A good education is a difference between a good life, and just scraping by.

It is known that not all people are born equal, but it is through the virtues of equality that the less fortunate might climb the ladder of success, and be on equal footing with those more fortunate than us.

I have a very strong memory from my younger days. Of children in their uniforms; pressed neatly and clean, going to school. The memory has always resonated with me and one day I left my dad at the shop and went to school. I listened to a teacher teaching the student about the importance of education. Those teachings have always stayed with me. I wish to study. To learn more about the world, but more then anything I want an education so that I can get a job. A job that will help me; help my family.

Life is supposed to be unfair, life is supposed to be hard. I have been on this earth for over 25 years and throughout those 25 years: I have learned a number of lessons. The principal lesson that I have learned through my intercourse with reality is that nothing in this life worth doing is easy. Anything worth doing is supposed to be hard. The really important stuff in life demands effort, it demands blood, sweat, and toil. That is the way of life; the important stuff is supposed to be hard. Another important lesson that I learned is that there are rick people and then there are poor people. That is the way of the capitalistic world. The market dictates the value and worth of a person. The market in its infinite wisdom has decided that I am nor worth much, that I am of little importance to the world. I have looked all around me and I have looked at my father, my brother, and in my life. I want to better my life and the lives of my family, and I cannot do that my plying the crafts of my fathers and my forefathers.

I am asking for your charity. I am asking for your help. A little money may help my family in the short run, but a degree or an education is the only way for me to help my family. The world is a dark and scary place. It is a lot of some people to toil away and then die, but I don’t want to pay bills and just die. I want to bring myself and my family out of poverty and that is the only reason why I am begging you for an education. I can’t do it without your help. A little help will go a very long way. I am not asking for money just for help.

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