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I beg for an all-terrain wheelchair

Givers never lack. Please, I am in need of an all-terrain wheelchair for my aunt. She was a lawyer until she had a fatal accident on her way to the office with her two kids. An overspeeding bus crushed her car which was the cause of the loss of her two children while she was the lone survivor. Her husband had to sell all her properties such as her second car, and also withdrew all the money she had in her account for her treatment.

But unfortunately for her, her husband abandoned her immediately he heard from the doctor that she would not be able to walk with her legs again because the two legs would be amputated. So, I volunteered to stay with her since she has no one else and because she was also there for me when I needed someone to help me with my education. I have been staying with her since the death of my parents when I was 12 years old. She sponsored my education until I got to college I am present.

Five months ago, she was discharged from the hospital but she could no more go to work since she finds it difficult to walk with crotches. You might be wondering why we need a wheelchair for her when she is on crotches. Well, there was a day she told me that if she could go out comfortably, she would be happy and feel like a human being again since it would be easy for her to get back to work, being a famous lawyer.

So, the thought of how and what could make that possible crossed my mind, and I remembered the all-terrain wheelchair which i believe will be useful for her a lot since the all-terrain wheelchair can walk on gravel, sand, water, and snow and she likes to spend her leisure time fishing. Hence, she would be able to go out any time and any season she wants. Above all, this all-terrain wheelchair will help her continue her work as a lawyer and also make her regain her financial loss.

Although some amount was donated for her by her firm, it had been used to repay all her debts. My aunt is dying every day because she no longer moves freely with her two legs and the crotches are doing just little of the walking as she is finding them inconvenient. I believe that the all-terrain wheelchair will do much better, and also make it easier for her to walk everywhere she wants.

I wish to buy a wheelchair for her but I don’t have the money since I am still a student and the little money earned from my part-time cleaning job is used to finance my studies and also to feed her. As I said earlier, all I need to help her is to get the all-terrain wheelchair for her and that is why I came here because I know that this is a platform is filled with true cheerful givers and I believe that my problem will be solved here. Looking forward to receiving from you soon. Thanks!

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