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I beg for an AC

AC’s have become a very important part of our lives, specially where the climate is very hot and humid it feels heaven on earth when we walk into an air conditioned room, and where i live almost everyone have it in their rooms and i still use a ceiling fan because i can not afford it to have an AC, and i beg for it.

I want it badly because I actually sleep better in colder conditions and air conditioning is the perfect answer to that! I also read it somewhere with many tips to sleep better, one of which is keeping your bedroom cool, and it’s true with a ceiling fan in this hot and humid weather I could not get a better sleep.

Lower temperatures mean less sweating. We usually don’t realize that when we sweat we are actually losing a large percentage of our water intake. And I feel more hydrated whenever I have a chance to stay in an air conditioned room.

Where I live now the temperature goes upto 45 degrees, and many people encounter heat stroke due to such temperatures. And i want an AC because i think air conditioning is the protective factor against heat-related illness.

While using the ceiling fan, i ll have to open the windows and the door in order to cross the air, even though this air is also warm but i had to do that to have some circulation of air, and from open windows, noise also enters with the warm air, which at times very discomforting.

And if i have an AC in my room, typically doors and windows will remain closed off.This means less noise enters the room keeping my room cool and comforting. Also some time I forgot to close the windows and stray cats found their way in, it was last week that a cat entered the room and broke a glass photo frame of mine.

Open windows are also the cause of the polluted air entering into the room. Air conditioner circulates and filters air, removing pollutants from the air.

When all this dust comes in from the open window, I will have to clean my furniture every now and then. Heat, and especially the humidity,can wreak havoc on furniture of all kinds. Right now i can not afford an AC and after sometime my furniture will get rough as well and i might have to change it as well which will only add to more cost.

Having an AC, will be a great peace of mind for me and it will change my life, and there will be less hassles in my day to day life, and I would know that I will be going to have a good and peaceful sleep in a cool and comfortable environment.

Just imagine not having an AC, in these hot and humid temperatures. Yes, just thinking of it is frightening , and i am living it, and every passing day I wish for an AC. My ceiling fan also makes noises when i switch it on a full speed, and with that noise getting a sleep is very difficult.


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