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I beg for Air Cooler

Global Warming is a serious issue today and it is increasing the earth’s temperature day by day. I live in an Asian country where it is becoming hotter and hotter day by day. The most basic needs of humans include air, water and light. Cool air in the hot days is necessary for everyone because it maintains the temperature of the body to keep oneself fit and healthy. AC or an air cooler can help to get rid of the hot air and provide the comfort of cool air.
AC is for those who spend a luxurious life and can afford to pay heavy electricity bills. They have money much more than their needs. These elite class kids are lucky to have a strong financial background but there are also those who do not have even enough to feed their kids and fulfil their needs. These are really suffering and going through a tough time. For these middle class or low-class people air cooler is a better replacement.
As I live in a poor area, people don’t have this basic necessity. Due to the high increase in temperature, newborn babies are dying every day. They do not have enough immunity to tolerate such high temperatures in this summer season. Children who are under the age of 3 years have a vulnerable immune system and their death rate is increasing every single day. Each day, decades of kids are dying and this is affecting our future.
It is painful that kids are dying in our area due to this increased temperature but the more painful reality is that I lost my youngest sister last month as it was very hot. She was a new-born. Her body was sensitive. She could not tolerate this high increase in the temperature. It was painful for me to lose my own sister. I was so in love with her. She was just like a daughter to me. While I am writing this to you, tears are rolling down my cheeks and my heart is pounding. I can never get over this pain.
I beg for an air cooler so that I can see my family in comfort. Being a student, I don’t have any income source so I cannot afford to buy anything for my family. My father is in labour. He does not have enough to feed us all. We are going through a tough time. So, we cannot help our family by any means to get rid of this painful problem
God says: ‘’When you find yourself in a position to help someone, be happy because God is answering that person’s prayer through you.’’ And he says ‘’When you help others, God will help you in return.’’
I am just trying to put a small effort to bring comfort for them and I am looking forward to your kind act and I hope that I will get an air cooler soon for my family from you. This kind of act of you will bring us peace.

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