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I beg for AC

As you know summer has already arrived with its pros and cons. The day gives you a little glimpse of what it would feel like in hell. Just kidding maybe be your good deeds will snap you out of the grip of the devil. Well, in a country where I live – the temperature rises up to 30 degrees is a very common thing and a fan is playing an important role here but it’s not enough. When men return to their houses after a long tiring day at work. They need something to cool them down. Something refreshing and chilly otherwise their family will have to endure their maliciousness. But one thing can do the trick and that is none other than an AIR CONDITIONER aka AC.
An air conditioner has become a dire need these days. Like I mentioned earlier that summer has its pros too and that would lead you to have an AC and AC will lead your family to come closer and spend more time together. How?? Let me explain. First, the AC is not cheap. For one family, one AC will be required at an average rate that means in a middle class, only one room will be having AC and each and every family member will try to be in that room most of the day. See the whole family will be gathering in a single room and you will have more time to spend with each other. That’s how an Air Conditioner will help your family to be more closed in one way or other.
Therefore, I would heartily request you to provide me an Air conditioner. So my family and I can spend our summer in a much better way. This mindful act of yours will be highly appreciated by my people. Still not convinced, I will give you more reasons to help me with an Air conditioner.
One reason is human comfort. It’s not hidden that everybody wants to live in a comfortable environment and AC is considered to be one of the items of luxury. Not only an item of luxury but now it has become an item of necessity. It’s like a drug human being is willing to pay for. Ramadan is on its way and the need for having an AC will be double and I want to spend my Ramadan with my family in comfort and peace.
The other reason is much more important. As a Muslim, we believe that Allah rewards us with much more than we give. In these days when our poor brothers are in dire need of help. Why not we avail of this chance and help others. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. You will get your reward here in this world or in your eternal life that will be much bigger and also has a good and respectable reputation among others is cherry on top.
I and my family urgently need an Air Conditioner and we hope that you can fulfill our request. We will be forever grateful for your generosity.


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