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I beg for a water heater

I beg for a water heater

I live in a high hill area in a remote village in kerala.It is a beautiful place but when it comes to day to day needs the villagers suffer a lot , especially a lower middle class family like ours. It is a struggle going to work early in the morning. As i mentioned we live in a high location from town it is very cold in every season.
Hygiene is an essential part in our culture. And it is a struggle to take a bath until afternoon.which is impossible because i have to leave early in the morning for work.we used to Heat water in a pot on the stove or an open fire was the way to get hot water.Then i would have to pour the hot water in a tub for washing or bathing purposes. Heating water on the stove consumes a lot of gas to get the water heated. The quantity of water will never make our needs as we can only heat a small amount of water.
The second option is collecting woods and fire it in and heat the water in large pots.But leaving early morning for work will not allow me the time to collect woods and wait until it burns and make the water heat. Another challenge is that it is rainy here almost every day. So the woods we collect will be wet and it is an impossible job to fire it.So you can imagine the importance of a water heater.

Ours is a small joint family and my sister has a new born baby. It is not possible to clean baby with cold water. Which will make the baby sick. Because of that my financial status only allows me to buy an immersion rod water heater. But you can imagine how dangerous it could be . Most of the time we are facing a short circuit because of it . So I decided to get rid of the rod water heater.

Today’s water heaters are easy, convenient and safe to use. Once installed, they need to be switched on and within no time hot water would flow from the faucet. It surely beats filling vessels with tap water, heating on a stovetop and then after a considerable amount of time, ferrying the hot water for a bucket bath which will help us a lot.

There are mainly five Types of Water Heater available in our country

Conventional Storage Tank Water Heater.
Tankless Water Heater (On-Demand Water Heater) …
Heat Pump Water Heater (Hybrid Water Heater) ..
Solar Powered Water Heater. …
Condensing Water Heater.
Still there are many more other types of water heaters such as electric water heaters,storage tank water heaters, gas heaters,and high-efficiency water heaters etc
The type of water heater I am looking for is a conventional storage tank water heater. This style of water heater is the most popular and probably the one you are most familiar with.This style of water heater features a tank that holds water to be heated. This means that the capacity of the tank determines how much hot water you have available at once. The tank is insulated so that when the water heats up, it remains warm until it is needed.
I really hope I can buy a conventional water heater and get help from this community. I will be thankful and happy.

Thank you so much.

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