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I beg for a warm jacket

A jacket is an outfit to wear. It is usually worn in the winter season when the temperature outside becomes very low. Life does not stop in the winter season. People keep doing their work. Some people do their work by staying at home while other people have to go outside to finish their daily job. Those people who have something warm tom wear can go outside being comfortable with easiness. Those people who are poor and cannot afford to buy a jacket or other warm things to put on in winter are the most pitiable. I am one of them.

I beg for a jacket to put on in the winter season. As I already told you some people must have to go outside to do business or complete the job. I am a student. Students always go to school, college or university; no matter what the season is. I have to go to my college in the winter season.

I belong to a village. My father is a poor man. He is a farmer. His earning is very low. We are a half dozen children of our parents. My mother is not literal. Therefore, she is a house wife. She cannot go outside to do any job. Moreover, in my village women are not allowed to go outside to do work. My family relies only on the income of my father.

Being a child of a poor family is a very hard task. As I told you, I go to college. My college is situated in a city which is 10km away from my village. In the winter season, when I go to college without wearing a jacket, I feel cold air entering into my body. Moreover, All of my classmates have jackets to put on in the winter season. They come to college wearing their beautiful and attractive jackets.

I beg for a flamboyant jacket. If I get a jacket, it will be easy for me to go outside and face people in the winter season. You know how people look at you when you go outside without wearing a jacket in winter. If it starting of the winter season, people might think he has not worn a jacket because he does not need to wear a jacket these days. But if the winter season is at its peak and a person has not worn a jacket, people will think he cannot afford to have a jacket to put on.

When I get a jacket, I will face people with a smile on my face. I will be able to face those people of society who consider themselves above other people. I will be able to face the coldness of the winter season. It will become easy for me to go outside in the coldness of December to fetch things for my family from Bazar. Normal days, when I do not have a jacket to put on in winter, I do not go outside just because of coldness. My life will be happy at least in the winter season. One problem in my life will be resolved.

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