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I beg for a ventilator

It is devastating to see people losing their lives on daily basis to the COVID-19 pandemic just because of the shortage of the ventilators. A bubble of melancholy wraps around me every single time I hear news about someone who could not have access to ventilator and therefore breathing their last. Your timely consideration can save someone’s life and could pave road for the tranquility of your soul.
Not only people with severe cases of coronavirus are suffering due to less amount of ventilators but also those who were already on the ventilators for treatment of underlying health conditions. It is generating a sense of tension and lack of compassion between mankind as every single person wants to get their patient on the ventilator even at a cost of fight. It is disappointing to see this situation increasing day by day as the coronavirus outbreak is engulfing hundreds of lives every other minute and with such a short number of ventilators putting hopes to despair.

The largest producers of ventilators such as Sweden, USA, Germany and China are even suffering and scared due to the increasing number of cases every single day, making this pandemic an utmost worry and threat to the developing and underdeveloped countries.
Artificial respiration can save lives because if breathing stops, the organs are no longer supplied with oxygen. At the same time, the carbon dioxide produced during breathing is no longer exhaled via the lungs.
A short time after a respiratory arrest, the heart also stops beating and the circulation ceases, so that the patient dies within minutes.
In non-invasive artificial ventilation, the air is passed over the mouth and nose with the help of a tightly fitting ventilation mask. In invasive ventilation (intubation), the tube is pushed through the mouth or nose and into the trachea (windpipe). In the case of a tracheotomy, the doctor has direct access to the trachea through a small hole in the throat.
People who are connected to a ventilator can neither speak nor eat and are artificially fed through a tube. Since invasive ventilation, in particular, is very unpleasant, patients are usually put into an artificial coma with anesthetics for the duration of the treatment.

Mechanical ventilators unlike the manual ventilators do not require an outer source of energy to work instead they get by power by a direct current motor making it more effective for a patient to breathe and get back to life instead of having another person being put to danger of corona by manual pumping.
I beg for a ventilator. Realize the fact that one moment of empathy can save lives, as one single life has so many lives attached to it. Save one life in this crucial time by helping me with a ventilator, it will just be equal to saving so many lives related to a particular patient about to lose life only because less number of ventilator. Your contribution can make a big impact, come forward and help me in sustaining lives.

Ventilation means to make breathe by outward source, and to breathe mean to stay alive. Please help me with a ventilator.

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