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I beg for A Tripod

I have always wanted to teach people, ever since I was little, people always told me that I was very good at communicating my thoughts and ideas and making people understand difficult things in a very simple way.

People also love hanging around me because they say I’m funny, that I make people laugh.

I once taught a group of little children a very difficult subject, they understood it and were all very happy to learn, the teacher was surprised.

I have always wondered how I can use my skills to get something especially with the way the world is now and that is why I have decided to beg for a tripod.

A tripod is a tool used to hold your phone or camera when you want to snap a picture or make a video. A tripod is also used with digital cameras but I cannot afford a digital camera, I only have a phone and I want to make good use of it.

Things have been extremely difficult this period, they have always been difficult but it has been much more difficult this year.

I have no source of income and nobody to help me so I decided to start something with the little I have which is my phone.

People use their phones 24/7 but many of them don’t make money by using it, they watch videos, play games, read articles and so on and so forth but they don’t know that this little thing that we hold in our hands all the time can change our lives forever, either for good or for bad.

You can decide to kill all your productive hours on your phone or you can decide to use all your productive hours still on your phone but instead this time you’re either getting steady bank alerts, making it possible for you to feed your family already or you’re building a community who will eventually pay you for something in future and this is why I want to create content.

People who create content make nice informative or funny videos and post on the internet. They can post it on YouTube and get paid if they have a lot of views, or they can use it as a lead generation tactic and get many followers on places like Instagram and then sell something to them, something like a content creation class.

I have tried hard to take good pictures or videos and teach people or make them laugh but it is so difficult to create good content when you have to hold your phone in your hand every time.

And when you’re holding your phone, you need to use your front (selfie) camera which is not really very good. My back camera is not wonderful either but it is a little bit better than the front camera, at least I can make use of Natural light + the back camera to create an informative/funny video.

Please as you read my article and decide to help me, know that you’re doing more than a lot of good. You are changing somebody’s life.

If I can buy a tripod and use with my phone, I can start creating content, it will make me very happy and also make the people who watch them happy because they will gain knowledge and a smile.

I thank you very much as you consider and agree to help me.


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