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I beg for a Television set

In this modern era, television has a great impact on our daily life and we can’t even imagine passing a day without it. Unfortunately, I’m facing this problem along with my family, whenever I need to watch some news and want to know something or my little brother wants to watch cartoons or my parents need some entertainment when they become bored staying at home all day. It becomes impossible for me to be used to without this heavenly magical machine. I have nothing to do as I came from a weak background and my social status is not so high to buy a tv set for my family. My father has no job and we have to bear a lot of credits to run the family.

When the sun sets down and the evening arises, we all get together for gossiping at that time we badly need a tv which will entertain us more. I have one little brother who always asks me to bring a tv so that he can watch his favorite cartoon. one day I discovered that he was watching cartoons in our neighbors’ home with his pals and he was enjoying his time. I have felt overwhelmed after looking at his expression. Basically, I do a part-time job in town which is 5 km far from my home. From this little job, I earn a bare amount to help my family and fulfill their needs. You know, it’s almost impossible for a single person to bear all the costs of his family as I have. Sometimes, I become depressed when I think all of this and can’t help anything which will bring joy to all the faces and cherish all day with this valuable smile. Even I can’t help to stop crying. That’s why I’m begging for a television set and I badly need this to fulfill my family’s needs and want to bring the joy in their faces. We don’t have any smartphones neither an internet connection to watch things without tv. So, it’s the only medium for us to be entertained or gets informed about important news, etc. We don’t even go outside for refreshing cause it costs too much money and we’re unable to pay that amount. When a person consistently passes his days without any refreshment or entertainment It is definitely harmful for his mental health and day by day, he or she loses control over their mind and finally becomes depressed or sometimes commits suicide as he or she can’t bear more pressure.

I don’t want to see this kind of situation in this purpose cause every human being has the right to lead his life happily. If I get a tv set it will certainly help my family to fulfill their needs and they can lead a better life too. When some big-hearted person helps other God will definitely help them with prosperity in their life. I and my family will be grateful to you forever If you help us to bring joy.

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