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I beg for a Study Table

A study table is a table that is used for studying or writing purposes. The people who have to study, write, or do their work at home require a study table for working comfortably and efficiently. I am a student and I also work online. After struggling a lot, I gathered enough money to buy a used laptop for my studies as well as for working online. But I do not have any study table at home, only a small table. So I have to bend in order to write, type, or study something. This is not only uncomfortable, but it is also harmful to my spine, and it can affect my height as well.

With a study table, I can study comfortably for my tests or exams. And if I have to write anything, such as my homework, a study table is very helpful. Since I am doing an online job on my laptop, I cannot keep the laptop on my lap all of the time, and I require a table of a certain height with which I can type efficiently. A study table has the perfect height for everything, therefore, I am begging for a study table. Although I am doing an online job, but the money I generate from it is all used in household items and grocery, and I barely have money left for buying anything else. And to be honest, a study table costs more than my four months’ salary, therefore, I can’t afford it. But I really need a study table in order to ease my daily work. Also, by working a small table, I have to bend, and therefore, I have started facing some spinal pain. When the pain increased, I went to the doctor for a checkup, and he recommended me to work on a study table of a good height. But I do not have any money to buy a study table.

My exams are also approaching and I have to study for them until late at night. Therefore, I like placing my book on a table and sit back and memorize the contents. But even for that, a study table is required. I have been saving money from my online job, but it gets spent on important things such as groceries, going to the doctor, bus fares, etc. And in the end, my savings drop to nil. Now I have finally realized that a study table is far beyond what I can afford. So I decided to beg for it instead. There are many nice people in this world who help the needy, and I know that among all these people, at least one of them will surely come to help me.

Therefore, I am begging for a study table. I would be glad if someone can buy a study table for me, even a used one will do. But I really need a study table because of many reasons, such as studying, writing homework, working on my laptop, etc.

Thanks in advance

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