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I beg for A Sewing Machine

A sewing machine is a machine used to sew pieces of fabrics together with a thread. Sewing machines were built during the first Industrial Revolution in order to decrease the input of laborious work performed in the making of clothes. Prior to its invention, all fabrics were handsewn which was both time consuming and strenuous for the tailors. A sewing machine works by making varieties of plain and patterned stitches that are regular and smaller unlike the irregular and large stitches from those that are handsewn. Many tailors today possess one or two sewing machines to aid their work and enhance efficiency.

A sewing machine is the trademark of any tailor. Without it, the life of a tailor is extremely difficult and hard. I am a tailor who is finding it tough to work because I do not have a sewing machine. I beg for a sewing machine. I am an industrious, independent and committed person. These are essential characteristics of any successful tailor. The major tangible tool for a tailor’s success is what I lack. I cannot afford to buy a sewing machine due to many reasons. I live in a poor village and my old parents cannot support my work financially. I am not yet stable economically to afford one too. In more clear words, I do not have enough money to support myself.

As a tailor, I get up every morning as early as 5 am to cut my customer’s clothes and then queue at a seamstress’ shop in order to stitch them together. This takes a lot of time to make a shirt for a man or a dress for a woman. Sometimes, the customer gets angry due to the length of time spent in making a simple cloth. This affects me badly emotionally as the customer might say nasty and horrible words to me.

I am a stylish person and I have great tastes in clothes. When I was a little child, I used to make dresses for my playmates’ dolls. I found joy doing this work with my hand needle and thread. As time went on, I discovered that making clothes for people to make them look good is my passion. After high school, I went ahead to learn the art of cloth making from my mother’s friend who lives in the city. I make very beautiful clothes for my customers but the lack of a sewing machine is making this dream of mine extremely difficult.

If I get this sewing machine, it will help me make more clothes in time for my customers and also take care of my aged parents from the earnings I make. My sister too will also use it to mend clothes for her age mates who always have torn dresses. I also hope to go to an international fashion school if I am able to save sufficient money. Getting a sewing machine will make these honorable dreams of mine come to pass.

I want my life to be better. I want to add significant value to my community. A sewing machine will definitely put a smile on my face. I will be forever appreciative if you get me a sewing machine. I will be waiting in joy to get a positive response from you soon. Thank you.


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