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I beg for A Samsung Smartphone

Samsung is one of the best leading tech giants. They are innovative and very much passionate about their customers. They always bring new technology in the smartphone market around the globe. The hype of a Samsung product is unbelievable as they produce high-quality devices with the latest technology. Recently, They grow their market in most of the regions. For this astonishing brand reputation, everyone likes their products and has a strong faith in them. Smartphone has a great impact on our daily lives. Billions of people are using their smartphones to complete their necessary tasks. It’s a great weapon in this modern world and without it, we can not go ahead a second further. For university students, it’s mandatory to have a smartphone so that they can communicate easily with their peers or teachers to get the latest update on any significant issue or do other extras via that device.

I beg for a Samsung smartphone as now, I’m facing the same problem because I have no personal computer or laptop to do the daily tasks, assignments, communicate with others, and not be able to join online classes. I have a phone but it doesn’t work properly as it fell into the water. I used to do all kinds of necessary works through this device. Now it’s damaged and I’m in great pressure. I lag for this crucial reason in this pandemic. I have no other options to tackle this situation as my family is also unable to buy me a brand new smartphone. My father is jobless because of the pandemic. We are facing a financial crisis too. I have a few relatives but no one willing to pay for this especially, at this crisis moment. I have already missed so many classes, not been able to join online, and can’t even submit my works. I don’t know what to do. I badly need a smartphone as soon as possible. The current situation is not in control because the COVID-19 virus is still spreading in various regions and affects lots of people. At this point, after reviewing this current situation there is no chance to open all the educational institutions in our country. Everything goes through online and the format of the course material has been changed too as per the online system. So, I have no other choice to avoid online classes, If I do it’ll hamper my entire career. I don’t want to face any problem. I just want to carry on. That’s why I’m begging for a smartphone to give some hope to my problems. If you provide me a smartphone I can do my online classes once again and can get busy with all of my works. Please, help me to get rid of this situation and I’ll be grateful to you forever. Now I’m very much depressed as no one is willing to help me to overcome the loss I already have. But I will wait for that novel, kind-hearted person who will definitely help me to get a smartphone.


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