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I beg for a Running Shoes

Running is one of the best ways to exercise and lose weight. Furthermore, running one can enhance and improve their fitness levels. This way we can live our everyday lives more efficiently and also more happily. Furthermore, we will be more energetic with constant exercise. We will not get tired easily thus enabling us to stay up awake longer and do work faster and efficiently. Thus, our peers and managers will praise us for completing work given in such a short time. For example, running helps me to stay fit and fresh every day. Running also helps as a form of therapy. Running helps people to release their stress in a way that brings benefits to them. After a long and stressful day, everyone wants to release their accumulated stress. However, we need to release stress through a more appropriate channel. Otherwise, it may bring a negative effect on our daily lives. For example, alcohol consumption to release stress may cause our body to deteriorate and have many health problems. Furthermore, alcohol consumption can cause liver and kidney problems for us. That’s why it important to do appropriate activities to release our stress. Thus, I feel that through running a lot of my stress has been released.

Running also help us to enjoy the view of nature in our surrounding. There are many running tracks available. These running tracks are suitable for everyone no matter who they are. Furthermore, these running tracks always have beautiful scenery that you can enjoy while running. This will help to calm your mind when watching nature. You can enjoy scenery such as trees, lakes, and small animals that live in the area. That’s why so many people loves running. For others running also helps them to make friends. There many running groups being made both amateur and professional. Thus, we can meet and know many people. For me. I start running when I was in University. The stress of doing assignment and test have cause me some mild anxiety. Thus, my friends suggest me to start running as a way to release my stress. From then on, I become an avid runner. Eventually, it leads to me entering marathon in free time. I don’t really care about competition, I just want to enjoy new running tracks with other people. For me running has been a huge part of my life. However, now I face a dilemma when my running shoes have gone bad due to the recent flood in my area. Thus, I don’t have any running shoes for me to enjoy running. Especially with the current Covid-19 situation, our country allowed us to do sports activities as long we adhere to social distancing. Hence, I want to use the opportunity to release my stress due to pandemic and enjoy running alone. However, this small problems has cause some setbacks for my plan. I have tried to find running shoes in the market unfortunately its quality and size are not up to my standard. That’s why in the case of me not finding suitable shoes I want to beg if you can find something for me. The specifications are as follow
-High Quality
-Nike or Adidas
-Size 35

I am a simple yet complicated human being.


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