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I beg for A Ring Light

I’ve always wanted to become a content creator. I know that I can make money to support my family through this.

I know that I can build a supportive community with my content and I know that I’ll be happy while doing it. I’ll be happy because I’ll be doing what I love.

When looking for a job or starting a business, it is always advised that you go for something you love, this is because when things get hard, it is only the love that you have for what you’re doing that will keep you going.

I want to create content, I’ll do this by making funny and informative videos that I’ll post on the internet, specifically in places like YouTube where I can earn enough money to support my family from my content.

But to do this, I need good shooting equipment. I have no money to buy a digital camera for now so I want to manage my phone. But even if I’m using my phone, I’ll still need to produce good content.

A ring light helps make pictures and videos look more professionally shot. When brands see that you’re building a good community through your professional content (pictures and videos), they’ll approach you and pay you to advertise their product, hence helping you earn more from your content.

And this is why I’m begging for a good ring light.

What is a ring light? You may ask.

A ring light is a circular light that fits around a camera’s lens or is large enough to shoot through it.

A ring light provides illumination with little shadow because the origin of the light is very close to the optical axis of the lens. It is commonly described as the glamour or beauty light.

The ring lights main purpose is to cast an even light onto the subject. This reduces shadows in the face and minimizes blemishes, while illuminating the eyes. This is why ring lights are commonly used in portraits, glamour shots, or even videography capturing only one subject.

This definition was gotten from www.studiobinder.com.

A ring light helps make your pictures and videos bright and more attractive.

Nobody will know that I’m just managing my bad phone to create such amazing content.

And this is why I’m seriously begging for a ring light.

By having pity on me and deciding to support my hustle or struggle, you’re making the best decision ever.

– You’re investing in potential.
– You’re investing in creativity.
– You help build a community.
– You’re putting smiles on people’s faces.
– You’re helping to get people educated.
– You’re helping me chase my dream.
– You’re helping me take care of my family.

You’re doing so many things that I can’t even imagine typing them all in here.

I know you’re a good kind person and I also know that while reading this article, you’ve made the decision to help me.

I thank you very much as you go through with it.

Once you do this, I’ll be able to make professional videos and pictures with my phone, I’ll be able to build a community from scratch, I’ll be able to inspire people just like you inspire me, I’ll be able to educate people and make them laugh.

I’ll be able to make content creation a tangible source of income, brands will become interested in me as a result of my good content. They’ll pay me to help run ads in my videos and pictures.

Through this, I’ll be able to support myself and my family.

Thank you very much once again as you carry this out, I really appreciate you.

All the best.


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