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I beg for a Power Bank for my Phone

Power bank is a device which is used to charge mobile phones with the help of a data cable but the power bank itself is wireless while charging other phones. They are very helpful when we go outside. We can charge them and take them anywhere with us.

There are various shapes and sizes of power banks and we can place them anywhere with us. Even we can put them in our pocket. Its small size helps in taking it with us without having any trouble. Technology has invented several different types of power bank. Some of them doesn’t need data cable even. Another use of power bank is that we can charge several phones with them at a time. Their use make it easy to charge mobile phones without a wire.

I am an office lady. I work 12 hours on daily basis. For most of my work I take help from my phone as well as I have to attend calls of my clients. Most of the time my phone battery dies in the middle of my conversations and I miss important information. I always charge my phone 100% but as I work for 12 hours straight, my phone switches off by itself. I keep my charger with me but when I have to attend a meeting somewhere outside my office, I face many difficulties which increases the need of power bank for me.

Once I went outside for a meeting with my client, I forgot to charge my phone that day and my battery died in the middle of nowhere. I was much tensed because I had to somehow reach at the destination where my client was waiting for me. I freaked out in stress. When I looked into my bag, I got more tensed because my charger was not there, but when I was looking for my charger I found power bank of friend which she accidently dropped in my bag. I immediately charged my phone and informed my client. At that time, I realized the importance of power bank. Power bank was my savior and I was determined that I will buy it someday. But only because right now I am facing a lot of crisis I cannot afford to buy it. I beg for a power bank for my phone so that I can live without facing these difficulties in my life.

The place where I work complete my needs very difficultly. So I cannot afford to buy a power bank right now. All of my colleagues have power bank with them but I cannot depend on them for my need as my problem is not their responsibility. I feel very uneasy to ask others about my needs.

Since technology has taken part in our lives, most of the problems are solved by it. Science has gone too far that if we face issues regarding anything we will get a solution in the form of an electronic device. I use a lot of technology in my office, the only thing I want to own is a power bank which can help me charge my phone in the time of need.


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