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I beg for a partner to create flying saucer UFO

With the current technology of human beings, it is possible to build UFO. I have to keep a secret about its principle, but I would like to tell you here that after the birth of UFO, it will lead to the fifth industrial revolution.

Whenever I see a car, a train, a high-speed train, or a plane, I feel the same way I feel now when I compare an iPhone 7plus to a nokia phone from 20 years ago. I think it’s too backward…… With the flying saucer, traffic will be three-dimensional, with no sidewalks and no traffic lights. The iPhone has no keyboard, the screen is full of buttons, the flying saucer has no wheels, there are no roads, because flying in the air, there are roads everywhere.

Flying saucers will overturn the laws of human society and commerce, as cars, high-speed trains and airplanes will all be eliminated. Railways, roads, highways, tunnels, bridges, including street lights, will also be eliminated. Then the relevant companies will have to go bankrupt or transform. For example, Boeing and Airbus will fail, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda and Toyota will go out of business too, and the transportation industry will be completely reshuffled.

After the emergence of UFOs, our building will also have a complete change. There will be a special place for UFOs on each balcony, and there is no need to take the elevator when we go out, because UFOs can go in and out of the window directly, and parking lots have no meaning to exist.

Cities will be radically transformed, each city can hold at least 100 million people, the earth can hold at least 100 billion people, many developed cities will be in decline, new supercities will be unaffected by mountains and hills, and there will be no underground drainage to worry about. The poor will live in the city, and the rich will live in detached villas on the top of the hill, surrounded by woods. Supermarkets and restaurants will be built on the roof or on any floor, and the ground will be covered with plants without roads. Wild animals can roam freely in the jungle between the buildings. Thus realizing the harmony between man and nature.

UFOs are divided into passenger and freight transport, The number of passengers is 10,000, 1,000, 100 and 10, respectively, corresponding to interstellar transportation, intercontinental transportation, intercity transportation, and intra-city transportation.There will be freight planes the size of ships and drones as big as DJI for video recording or express delivery.

The speed of a flying saucer is many times faster than that of an airplane. Because it has no direction, it can fly in any direction at will. It can fly in a straight line or a curve, and of course it can fly backwards and vertically. It can conduct interstellar voyages, and rockets and space stations will also be eliminated. Since it can be larger than an aircraft carrier, we can make it into a miniature version of the Earth, which supports a scientific expedition team of thousands of people, and then fly to outer space for research.

UFO will be the greatest invention of mankind after the Internet. As a result, the world will become very complex, at least 10 times that of the current society. English can no longer express the world, and it must be combined with hieroglyphics to accurately express the complex world.

Finally, if you want to know the principle, please contact me! info@tecowa-machining.com





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