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I beg for a pair of shoes

The importance of having a good pair of shoes cannot be denied at any cost, especially when you are a student, and go outside to meet different people from different backgrounds, races, and social status. A lay man always has a common pair of shoes to wear at home. But if he has to go outside and face other rich people, he feels embarrassed if he has no stylish shoes.

I am a student and I am in need of a fashionable pair of shoes so that I may wear them whenever I go outside. I have many friends. Some of them are very rich and some of them are from middle-class families. Some of them make fun of me if I don’t wear a stylish pair of shoes when we hang out. Some of them understand my family status and being sympathetic, they don’t make fun of me. But I am from a lower-middle-class family.

A fine and fashionable pair of shoes can last for a long time. It depends on how well you take care of that pair of shoes. A fashionable pair of shoes doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive pair of shoes. It can be of decent price with fine quality.

We are humans and being so, we are not perfect. We have many faults in ourselves. Humans don’t have perfect posture. It might be because of some small differences in the structure of our bone. Some people have one leg slightly shorter than the other one. All this results in an imperfect posture. A good pair of shoes, undoubtedly, sort out this problem. A proper pair of shoes will keep my legs, back, and shoulders in proper posture.

It cannot be denied that a lot can be said about a person based on what type of shoes he wears. Different shoes have different varieties. Prices of shoes also vary from brand to brand and quality to quality. If quality is good, definitely the price will be high. In order to maintain social status, I need a fashionable pair of shoes.

Different researches have been conducted on different types of shoes in order to know the importance of wearing a good pair of shoes having a fine quality and brand. A research conducted by “Foot Biomechanics” explains that a person applies a force on feet from four to seven times body weight while he is walking up to 10x bodyweight. This a large amount of pressure being applied to our joints and feet. It will not be safe if we do heavy running and jumping wearing a low-quality pair of shoes. A good pair of shoes can provide us comfort and peace. As shoes are different from each other so different shoes use different filler material in their soles. That’s why I need a decent pair of shoes so that I may gain comfort while walking and jumping. A decent and fashionable pair of shoes will keep me safe from injury, and it will maximize the results of my workout.

Therefore, I beg for a pair of shoes. I have to maintain my social status. And at the same time, I have to take care of my health- both physical and mental. A decent, fine and fashionable pair of shoes will help me a lot in improving my lifestyle. It will boost up my confidence while walking in society.

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