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I beg for a pair of headphones

Headphones are a pair of small speakers that are used to listen to the sound coming from a laptop, a computer, and a phone. Headphones consist of a speaker for each ear, joined by a band over the head. Headphones are extremely useful for listening to sensitive sounds, and to concentrate on a specific sound so that you can hear it clearly. I have a used laptop that I bought from my savings for online working and college assignments. I have to listen to various things while using my laptop such as voice messages, Youtube tutorial videos, etc. And so I bought a pair of the cheapest headphones that I could find near me. They didn’t even cost me a dollar. I used them for a month. They were not only useful but were very important for me because there are some very small sounds (such as notifications) which I can’t notice without headphones, and if I don’t realize that I’ve received an important notification, my work can be at risk. Some clients get upset if you don’t reply within five minutes. After losing three clients because of this, I decided to buy those cheap headphones. They worked very well for me and I could hear even the smallest sounds coming from my laptop, thanks to those headphones.

But since they came so cheap, you can expect them to work for just a few months. The same happened to me. Only after one month of purchase, one side of the headphone stopped working, and after a week, it became useless. The headphones were no longer working and so were useless.

Right now, I do not have any money to buy headphones for myself. All my money is spent on other important things such as grocery, medicines, etc, and in the end, I don’t even have a penny left for myself. All the money gets used up and so I don’t have any money to spend on buying stuff for myself. But headphones are really important to me. I don’t want to lose any clients again, because I’m already low on money and there’s so much pending payment.

Therefore, I am begging for a pair of headphones. I really need headphones for work. If someone could help me and either buy me new headphones or donate used headphones to me, it would be very nice as I will get something that’s really very important for my daily use.

Also, I can only concentrate on loud sounds due to hearing problems, therefore, I need a pair of headphones to concentrate on smaller sounds. Headphones may seem useless to some people, but for me, they are of great importance. A day without headphones feels like it’s losing something. Headphones inform me about each and every notification or message that I receive and so are very helpful.

I am here to beg for a pair of headphones. I would really appreciate it if someone can understand my situation and donate a pair of either new or used headphones to me.

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