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I beg for a pair of eye glasses

I am a student with brilliant academic career but due to my late night study habits, I had a serious effect on my eyesight. Eye glasses are used to help people with weak eyesight to see things clearly and if you do not get eye glasses in early stages you may lose your eyesight ultimately. My eyesight is deteriorating every passing day but I live in a remote area where I do not have access to any shop which sells eye glasses and if I order them from anywhere else it adds up a lot of extra charges. I cannot afford those high prices for a pair of glasses.
I am looking for a rich person who can sponsor me a pair or two of some good quality eyeglasses so that I can compete with the people in this ever demanding life. Life has been already hard for us being born in a poor family. On top of that I have my eyesight issues which are causing hindrance in my routine life. I am not able to work after sunset. I can barely see anything when the sun goes down. My capacity to work in the low light is almost nullified these days.
At the current situation, I have little issue during the daylight but I fear that if I keep on going without spectacles than it can cause a major problem for me in the near future. I am writing this begging article with very high hopes that it will reach some philanthropist or NGO which will help me buy a pair of eyeglasses.
If you are reading this article, then do not overlook my request. You can be a reason of someone’s happy life. I am sole bread earner of my family at the very young age. I do daily chores at a nearby household and a farm to earn a meagre amount to feed myself and my mother.
God forbid if I lost my eyesight, then who will support me and my mother. We have no one in this world and we ask for your help. I do not ask for any monetary support but a pair of eye glasses to stop my eyesight from further weakening so that I can keep on supporting my little family including me and my mother. We live in a countryside in a tent we got in a donation while staying at a flood relief camp.
I have written this article on a piece of paper and gave it to a friend who has access to internet and a smartphone who will be uploading it on my behalf. If you are reading this, then he has uploaded it on the website which allows to post begging articles. I shall be grateful to the one who donates me eyeglasses. I am waiting for the day when I will receive them from one of the generous people on this earth. There is nothing that can make a man happy but a help without any benefits in mind.
I am thankful to you in advance if you send me a pair of eye glasses.


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