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I beg for a new wardrobe

I know what you may be thinking “hmm this is just another girl who wants new clothes!”

Well, although to an extent that is true, it is also a lot more comprehensive than that.

I do like clothes – very much, in fact, fashion is something that I would really hope to get into one day in some way or another.

I have recently started the path of self-employment and although I am freelancing, I have also started to be more motivated to think of a few different ways I could still have an income yet doing the things I love.

And then it hit me! I could become a wardrobe consultant!
What’s a wardrobe consultant you ask? This is somebody who is hired by a client to help them change their style of working with the current clothes they have.

So technically I will get paid to help different people put together outfits and clothes that make them feel more confident and project themselves better.

Although clothes can be seen as a materialistic desire, let’s be honest – it does feel good when you’re wearing something that makes you feel good and that’s what I aim to help people achieve!

Being a victim (although I don’t prefer the word) of bullying installed horrible insecurity in me from a young age.
I remember always being so cautious about what I wear and when I didn’t have the trendy clothes my peers had it somewhat did make me feel left out.

That’s why I would like to go into this profession – to help people who also to some extent feel insecure and not comfortable in what they wear to help them to find the beauty in themselves.

A huge thing about clothes is not how much they cost or where they’re from it’s simply knowing what suits you and what doesn’t.

I want to help people find what suits them, but in order for me to do this, I need to have a customized wardrobe myself to set a trend.

You wouldn’t take fashion advice from someone who doesn’t look “good” right? Exactly!

By investing in me and getting me a new wardrobe, I would easily be able to get online the very next day and begin to start up my wardrobe consultancy brand!

I truly do believe that I would make a very good wardrobe specialist as I have a variety of different kinds of tastes in fashion and clothes but mostly, I work on aiming to put together how my clients would like to see themselves looking.

I know all about the concept of seeing yourself as to how you want to look but then looking in the mirror and feeling disappointed because you don’t feel that way.

I don’t think people should feel that way, I want to help people find the beauty in themselves through fashion.

Confidence and self-belief are important, you don’t want something as silly as your appearance to distract your mind from what’s important – you’re beautiful and amazing as you are!

I want to truly help those in need of someone like me who can come in, listen to them, and make it possible for them to see the beauty in themselves even if that does mean just putting together some rocking new outfits for them!


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