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I beg for a New Violin

Music refreshes our minds; music helps us to lead a lively life and music retouches our souls. Personally, I believe that music can change our lives and bring joy, what we’re always seeking. As a music lover, I have always felt a special bonding with music and it gives me a huge inspiration in my daily life. I listen to different types of music consistently. Every time I listen, I discovered something new. I don’t know exactly what it is but it definitely feels awesome. For example, when I listen to a violin, I can’t explain what’s going on inside me.

I write original songs and can tune it via guitar as I can play the guitar very well. I want to create some composition using both the guitar and violin. I want to be a songwriter and music composer. Before that, I want to learn the violin so that I can produce some heart-touching music but unfortunately, I’m unable to purchase a new and fresh one cause my family’s financial circumstance is very poor and we’re in great pressure. That’s why I’m begging for a violin from you. If I get a fresh violin, I can start from scratch to master it and can create some refreshing, pleasant music. Music is like worship to me, without it I’m nothing and alone. When My mind gets nervous or becomes depressed only music can heal that problem and give me a new life. I think most of the people will agree with me in this case that music has a magical-healing power that can remove any kind of mental disturbance and psychical tiredness. I always believe in one thing that who doesn’t listen to music, can’t be a human cause they have no soul to feel that heavenly creation. Music spreads happiness and light in our life. Recently I had lost my guitar, it has broken and I have no other musical instruments to play that’s why I am far away from music for a long time. I want to get back my moments of music once again. This time I want to start by violin and I’m begging for one. I am very much depressed now and can’t be attentive to anything.

I have asked many people to help me to get a violin for me but no one cares about my passion, my dreams they just laughed. Music has a divine power to gain peoples’ hearts and it’s the specialty of it. Violin has the same power to express the feelings and told a story through music. I just want to express the exact thing through my creativity which I have. It will help me to attain people’s hearts. In this modern world winning someone’s mind is not so easy and It’s very much difficult to entertain others. But through music, I can do it and I have a firm belief in myself. I want to see others happy, to remove their pain form their mind by healing their heart via music. If I am able to do it, it will make me happy too. Lastly, to do this whole thing I just beg a violin from you and I’ll be grateful to you forever.


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