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I beg for a new smartphone

It is a digitalized age. Technology has contributed a lot to make our life easier and more efficient than ever. What digital devices we are seeing today, our parents have never seen in their youth. A smartphone is one of the best inventions of the 21st century. Smartphone has become the need of every man who wants to keep connected with his relatives and friends. For a student, having a smartphone is a part and parcel.

I am in a need for having a smartphone. I am a student. I study in a college. This age is the age of creativity. Teachers ask students to do homework from home by searching and browsing on the internet. Those students who are poor cannot do their homework in a way their teachers tell them to do.

It is a fact that I have an android phone right now. But it is not a modern one. It is an old one. I got it from one of my uncles because he left this phone as he got a new one. Being a student, it is my requirement to have a smartphone. It will help me a lot to complete the assignments assigned by my teachers.

My teachers often send me emails. These mails contain material for my study or the assuagements that I am supposed to complete. My old phone does not notify me about these mails. I have to check manually that is too laborious. Sometimes, I forget to check my mails, so I cannot complete my assignments. If I have a new smartphone, I will be able to turn on notifications of my emails so that I may get to know whenever I receive a new mail. Gmail sync option will help me a lot in receiving those emails smoothly.

It is true that older cellphones cannot take good photos. Pictured clicked through my old android phone are unclear and blurry. Collecting memories in the form of pictures is my passion. The new smartphone with good camera quality will help me take photos in good quality and as many as I want to take. Modern smartphone cameras have more options for the manual settings to click a full HD photo. I often need to click photos of my assignments and send the pictures to my teachers. With an old phone, I am unable to perform this function efficiently.

A modern smartphone will help me to watch videos of my own choice. It will have more internal storage than my existing old android phone. It will allow me to use it smoothly. I will be able to download different social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and Youtube. My social presence will make me able to get to know more people.

Above all, I shall become able to hang out with my friends. My new smartphone will have a longer battery time. My existing phone does not have a longer battery duration. It takes more time to get charged.

That is why I beg for a new smartphone. It will not only solve my problems but also raise my standard of living. I will be socially acceptable.

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