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I beg for a new smartphone

Although many may see a phone as just something you need to make calls or send text messages, so why would you need a “fancy” phone that cost so much more?

I am a content writer, currently, my work is my passion however, before this I worked in the Hospitality and Insurance industries but decided to quit my job and peruse my passion.
Like any business, in order to peruse my passion successfully, it requires an investment of different forms namely a New Smart Phone!
When you’re self-employed and working remotely like I am, most of what it takes to execute your job well takes good tools and with a new phone, I would be able to do so much!
I could record videos that would help me connect with my followers and not just get to know them but give them the chance to get to know the person behind the name as well.
With a new phone, I would have a better camera which would give me the opportunity to practice photography more and be able to have pictures for my content because let’s be honest…. An article without engaging pictures can be very boring!
I would also be able to be active on more social platforms to better market myself and unfortunately with my current phone – I am not able to do that.
Building any career takes more than you have and for some those things that they need can take them months, even years to attain in order to do that but I do hope that I can get this opportunity so I can better myself and excel at my career today.
Writing is not just a way to make a living, it’s not a part-time job or a phase, writing has truly become my life – it has become the very fire that ignites my soul.
I don’t want to just do well in this profession, I want to do the best that I possibly can do and with the right support, tools, and form of investment I will have the platform to that.
I want to have my writing take me around the globe and experience things beyond my imagination but in order for me to get there I need a few things and one of those things is truly a new smartphone.
Although I am patient and I know that regardless of how I do it or what I do, I will make a success out of writing as long as I stay dedicated and committed which I plan on doing.
However, if there is someone who could give me a boost to equip me with those tools, I will be more than grateful and it is truly something that seems minute to many but in my circumstance, it could have a major positive impact on my career.
I am a young, enthusiastic and truly invested writer who knows that should someone buy me a new smartphone I will not take that gesture for granted and It will inspire me to work even harder.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, I truly hope you are open to making this small investment that would be a huge impact on my life.


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