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I beg for A new desk

As a self-employed worker, my office is pretty much in my home.
Due to the fact that I am very new to this industry, of course, I didn’t have all the things I needed at the time I started this mainly for financial reasons.

I find myself longing for a desk, a lovely simple desk that I can sit at and type away.

A desk that could hold all my stationery and create a more inspiring workspace.

Having a desk would be so great for me and my work, I could have the chance to properly put together a real office area in my house which will give me more moral.

Although it can be very fun to sit in bed and spend your day working, it can also make you work slower, make you lazier, and allows you to get distracted easily because all you want to do is just curl up and watch “Mamma Mia”.

I love my work; I love where I am going and what I am doing but I am aware that I so desperately need things to aid my life and my career and one of those things is really a desk.

Something as mundane as a desk would truly be a real investment in the future of my career.

Working for yourself at first can be very difficult financially as the first week or so – business is going to be quite slow as it is such a competitive market out there.

Someone like myself who worked in job positions where I knew that at the end of each month that there will definitely be a payslip found it to be a big change compared to now where I really have to monitor your profits so they don’t just disappear.

I have no problem at all with monitoring my money, to some degree I actually find accounting fun, however, I do need the proper resources to achieve my goal.

I need resources to aid my work and help me to work in an environment that is fulfilling me as the day goes by and truthfully – something as easy a desk is exactly that.

I want to merge my lifestyle and my career together, when I am doing something for my career, I want it to feel like it’s also something I am doing to fulfill my life.

With the addition of a desk to my life, working will feel so much easier and more organic.
Instead of spending all my time in bed, my new desk will give me a reason to sit in front of it and write lovely words, it will install the energy in me to properly think and invest my full attention in my work.

As much as this is something that I would like to get for myself, if I can be honest I don’t see myself having the financial room to make this happen any time soon, and thus would appreciate it so much if you would find it fit to help me and my career with the purchase of a new desk.


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