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I beg for a motorbike

Motorbike is a motor driven two-wheeler which helps you get to the distant places in a faster and economical way. You can travel miles by fueling just a litre of petrol. Motorbike opens a wide horizon for earning. One can earn a decent amount of money to support his family by dropping off customers. There are also food delivery services which have a high demand of workers who won a motorbike. You pick up food from a restaurant and drop at the customers’ location to earn a few bucks as delivery charges.
I am a young graduate who lost his job due to the covid-19. This deadly pandemic has created a bad economic situation in our country and millions have lost their jobs. Restaurants have stopped dine in services thus creating an opportunity for food delivery riders. But there is a requirement to have your own bike if you want to become a rider. Besides this, there is a surge in the demand of Uber bikes in our country due the ban on public transport. Motorbike has a lot of potential to provide you with a handsome earning in these times of pandemic.
I had a little saving for bad times. But this pandemic has hit so hard that all my savings have gone in buying daily goods for survival of our family. Now we rely on an old age fund of my father which is just enough to buy food for 10 to 15 days. We have been living miserably for the past one month. I cannot see this situation of my family. I have been constantly applying for jobs but no luck. I also tried to approach a super store to hire me for janitor job but he refused to it saying he already has cut his labor short and is not hiring anyone at least till the things get normal.
I am writing this request so that it may reach maximum number of people around the globe. Internet has great power; it can make anyone a celebrity. So, I hope it can help the poor people in need. If it reaches you then please help me if you can. It may not be a big deal for many of you out there but it could be a life saving thing for us. If you are willing to donate me a motorbike then please contact me via this platform. I have searched the internet for help but found nothing useful.
This website is my last hope, if I get help from here then I would help someone back if I ever had money. I used to help poor people during my job. I wasn’t earning much but I used to help the people around me to some extent. Beggar.news is flooded with a lot of begging requests from the people who are in need. I don’t know if my begging article will catch someone’s attention but I will be waiting tightly for the donation from any of the donors.
Thank You for reading my begging article.


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