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I beg for a modern laptop

A laptop which is also known as a notebook is a modern device that has replaced a desktop computer. A laptop is portable. It is a modern era. Technology is prevailing in the world. In the next few years, everything will be digitalized. A desktop computer is not so common today. In this revolutionized age, everyone must have a laptop. There are many reasons to own a laptop computer instead of a desktop computer.

Well, I do not have a laptop computer. I have a desktop computer which is very old. I cannot take a desktop computer everywhere. As I am a student, I often need a laptop at my university. Well, I cannot bring my desktop computer with me at my university. That is why I am in need of a laptop.

Having a modern laptop is my dream that I cannot afford to buy now. I belong to a family that cannot give me a new laptop computer. I belong to a lower-middle-class family. Lower middle-class families do not keep any concern with modern trends of technology. As I am a student, I cannot buy a laptop myself because I have no enough pocket money or saving to buy a laptop equipped with modern and innovative technology.

One of the reasons to have a laptop instead of a desktop computer is that the laptop is portable. I can take it anywhere with me. If I have a laptop, it will be easy for me to manage my time productively. I will be able to complete my assignments on time.

In this modern era, there are many softwares that I cannot run on a desktop laptop. I am interested in photography and videography. You must have heard about these Softwares: Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Photoshop. These softwares heavy. I am unable to run these softwares on my old desktop computer.

A desktop computer takes more room than a laptop computer. With a desktop computer, I have monitor, keyboard, mouse, and multiple wires. The desktop computer takes 4 times more space than a modern laptop. If I become able to switch my old desktop to a modern computer, it will provide me comfort because my room is very small. I will be able to place my laptop at any place in my house or in my room.

A modern laptop has extra built-in features that would normally be an extra expense in the case of a desktop computer. A laptop has its own camera. For a desktop computer, one must buy an extra camera that will be costly, especially for people like me who do not have much financial support from their families.

A laptop has better screen quality as compared to a desktop computer. I cannot sit in front of a desktop for many hours because it demands more concentration. It is not comfortable for me to look at a desktop for a long time. A modern laptop will have a touch-screen. Touch-screen laptops are very common these days. I wish to have a laptop with a touchscreen.

I want to have a modern laptop with advanced features. The laptop I dream of has these features:
1. 8GB Ram
2. SSD Hard-drive
3. Core i9 (latest generation)
4. Touch and tie

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