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I beg for a mic to record audio

A mic is a device that is used to record audio. It is attached to different digital devices like a smartphone, cameras, etc. In this era where everyone wants quality work whether it is their own or they are watching someone else’s work. High-resolution video is nothing if audio quality is low. Everyone who wants to opt for video creation as his career must have a good quality microphone for audio recording.

I beg for a quality microphone to record my audio for videos. I always wanted to be a YouTuber. Making videos for others and for myself on YouTube is what I like the most. I have an android phone which can record videos of fine quality. The quality of the video can be improved by using the special effects of different online free software. As far as audio is concerned, it can’t be recorded with a mic of android phone. Mic of cellphone also backgrounds noise which cannot be removed completely by using any software. They only way to improve audio quality is by using the best quality portable mic.

I cannot buy a mic for myself. I am still a student at a college. More than enough pocket money is required to buy a new mic which obviously I do not have right now. Even my family cannot support me in this case. My family would have supported me if it had been able to do so. I am a member of a poor family. Being a member of a poor family, even expecting to buy a mic is fruitless for me.

If I get a mic, I will be able to fulfill my desire to become a YouTuber. Making videos on YouTube has become a full-time job these days. By using the YouTube monetization program, I will generate some money to support myself in studies and other useful activities. After some time, I will be able to support even my family.

I already have discussed that the internal mic of the cellphone does not give the quality of audio that is required to be known as a professional Youtuber. Professionalism is what everyone seeks in this era where perfection is dominant over all other things that used to be prominent one or two centuries before.

I also take fancy to podcasting over the internet. Again, to be successful in this domain, I need a mic to record to quality voice. The mic will help me a lot to improve the quality of voice. Quality holds authority everywhere. It is often said that costly mics are only for professionals but I do believe that makes your starting enough lucrative to attract every single person who comes to see, watch, or listen to your audio or video- whatever the work you are doing to create your name in that particular field.

The price of a mic may look too low for you, but believe me, it is too high for me because I have no money to buy it for me. If any philanthropist happens to go through my post, it is requested to him/her to buy me a good mic so that I may achieve what I always have dreamed of.


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