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I beg for a Medication treating Hair loss

Hair loss is a very major problem for many people. In this problem, a person slowly or gradually loses all hair. Hair play a very important role in shaping our personality and giving a very attractive look to people but those who face hair loss problems are deprived of enjoying this opportunity. I myself am a victim of this major problem. As a girl, it is more embarrassing to live with this issue in our society.
I can use wigs as an alternative for my natural hair but I cannot use it for a longer period of time as it is artificial which makes me upset. I feel like I am not myself anymore with that wig. And I even ask myself that how longer I will use wigs. Sooner or later I want a permanent solution for my hair loss problem. I have also used many homemade remedies to get rid of this problem, but nothing lasted longer. I want a medication for my hair loss problem which can last lifelong with me so that I will no longer face hair issues.
This problem occurred on my head firstly. Later on, it became severe and I got problems with the hair of my eyebrows. I started losing hair of my eyebrows also. I became very depressed. I wanted to make it stop but the area to which I belong doesn’t recommend good medications. And I do not want to perform any experiments on my hair as things can get worse. The proper medication is out of my range. I cannot buy the medicines for this problem because they are too much expensive for me.
When I walk around, people give me a strange look because there are not a lot of girls in my town who are bald. People stare at me as if I am someone different and their looks are not pleasing to me at all. I feel like being judged. I somehow escape from the eyes of people to avoid their looks. In my friend circle, everyone supports me and loves me but sometime they also look weirdly at me which makes me realize that no matter how close they are to me, they will still see me as a person who is bald and with disturbing eyebrows.
I have seen many people with different hairstyles which suit them a lot. People cut their hair, color them and also style them. I also want to style my hair. I want to do different types of braids of my hair. I want to adopt all fashion styles which usually people adopt. But I cannot enjoy all of these because I do not have hair. The fact that I am not able to get cured from this problem breaks me. I want to recover.
The world is very cruel and unjust to those who are a bit different. The stare of the people can disturb the mental peace of a person. People pass comments without thinking that they will hurt others. There are many other people who suffer from this problem. I want to be normal again. In order to that, I beg for a medication which can treat my hair loss problem. I want to enjoy the normal life as everyone.


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