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I beg for A Mattress

A mattress is a large, rectangular cushion for sleeping. A mattress is usually placed on top of a bed base which may be solid or elastic as the case may be. Mattress is used for sleeping. It provides comfort for a short afternoon nap or a good night’s rest. Without a mattress, people find it difficult to sleep. Long ago when there was no mattress in the world, most people slept on layers of reeds or leaves, some people piled straws and hay in cloth sacks and slept on them. I like to think that mattress was produced to aid sleep and provide comfort while sleeping. In this global age, is it not somehow to hear that some people still sleep without a mattress?

Most people are lucky to have good mattresses where they forget their worries and drift into sleep immediately they lie down. Some can even afford to buy a king-sized bed on which they place their mattress to provide more balance. That is very good. There are other people on earth like me who cannot enjoy the luxury of sleeping on a mattress.
I am a college student. I live in a cottage house with my mother and little brother. My mother works as a nanny to a wealthy doctor’s child in my town. She cannot afford to buy a mattress. She does not earn much from her job and the little she gets is used to buy foodstuffs, pay house rent and pay our school fees. I work in a public library in my town in the afternoon after school. My weekly salary cannot buy us a mattress. I use the little money to pay for my textbooks and buy crayons and paints for my junior brother’s creative art class.

Not having a mattress affects us badly. My mother always complains of backache every morning. I have to use her homemade ointment to massage her back before leaving for school. I also experience body aches especially in my abdomen. Some days, I suffer fatigue and sleep in my class during lectures due to my inability to have a good night’s rest. My brother complains of cold and catarrh on most days.

Sleeping without a mattress is really not a good experience. I remember when I was twelve; I went to live with my mother’s friend in the city. She had a good mattress which was well balanced on a firm bed. On the day I was to go back to my mother, I cried because I was going to miss sleeping on a mattress. I was going back to sleeping on a hard floor.

Everyone wants a comfortable and painless night sleep. Not everyone has the money to buy the physical property to sleep and have sweet dreams. Hopefully, I can have these sweet dreams and experience a pleasant night’s sleep if you could help me with a mattress. My mother and brother will be happy too. No more back massages every day for my mother, cold syrups for my brother and dozing off in class for me. We would be forever grateful to you. Thank you!


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