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I beg for A Laptop

We live in a world were everything is practically done online and from the comfort of our zones. It has always been my dream to own a laptop irrespective of the type of model. I know if I can own one i can use it to do a lot and probably earn money to get a better one. But this dreams of mind seems to be cut short base on the fact i don’t own a laptop for now and never own any before or neither can I afford any due to financial constraint.

I beg for a laptop because I’m a digital marketer and laptop is practically part of my job as not everything can be done using just phone only. With a laptop i will be able to meet my client need 100% and render great satisfactory service to them.

I beg for a laptop because I’m a blogger and when it comes to web coding and website building it can only be done best using a laptop and not phone. My website skills is been affected due to my inability to use a laptop, a lot of things are been limited when I use just phone. If i have a laptop I can access all website tools and Perform perfectly well.

I beg for a laptop because if I have one I will be able to personally type my thesis and school projects on my own without giving it out. I can be able to download books online, write and also publish my articles online. And also I will be able to type thesis for people and in turn earn more money to take care of my basic needs. With a laptop I can take notes in class, share notes and work with groups on projects.

I beg for a laptop because with a laptop I can use the Internet to speak to and communicate with friends and family from the comfort of my own zone without incurring huge bills and expenses. I can also use it to create softwares and do graphics design to help me earn more. With a laptop I can focus on my freelancing job and deliver perfect job to my clients without blunder due to my been limited using a phone.

I beg for laptop because laptop keeps me abreast with all that’s new in the world and happening around the world, know how people live elsewhere and about war, political strife, natural disaster, as well as new discoveries and cultures different from mine.I need a laptop cause I can use it to entertain myself by downloading and watching movies. Also I can use it to teach others about codings, blogging, mini importation and web design.

Having a laptop is one of my most needed desire right now. There are lot of things I can do with laptop if eventually I am able to get one. I do hope my reasons are convincing enough and do hope someone will help give my post a facelift.

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