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I beg for a Laptop

This is the 21st century and tech gadgets nowadays are part of every one’s life, and for most of them these gadgets are actually a necessity in their daily chores.

For instance lets talk about a laptop, laptops serve a huge span of purposes ranging from official work to personal entertainment as well. A huge number of the population owns a laptop and owning it is not a big deal for them, and i know people who have more than one laptops in their homes and they are just lying in there on some shelves getting dirt on them and no one is using them in months, but there are many who do not have it, and they can not afford it as well. I guess it’s strange world we live in.

Laptops differ on the basis of their specifications in terms of their performance, the more capable the laptop is in terms of performance, the more expensive it will be.

Hence many of us could not afford it to have a reasonable laptop with an optimal performance, and i beg for a laptop to use it in a very constructive way.

I have been trying to have a laptop for a long time now, and I want to have it for multiple reasons. But mainly i want it because i want to use it to earn money, as i aim for myself to become a self employed freelancer, a content writer and blogger. An average laptop with decent specifications will do the work.

Specifications like the processor , ram and the memory which should handle all the blogging and freelancing data would be great.

The moment i am going to have a good laptop, I will be taking the initiative to start to freelance myself with my content writing skills.

It’s also good to have it for some refreshments in mood by watching some online comedy shows or some movies, or for instance anything we like.

Not having a laptop upsets me so much, because it feels like i can do so much with my skills and use them to earn money by selling them in freelance global market, but not having a laptop stops me doing all this, and i am always thinking of the ways to get it and start my career as a content writer with different online freelance markets. I see many people with the same skills who have a laptop and internet connection are making a good chunk of Dollars by offering their services online, and there are many who have adopted this as their full time job and career and they are doing it while sitting in there homes and dealing with the clients from all over the world, and i can not do the same only because i do not have a laptop, which makes it very frustrating for me.

Also whenever I wanted to watch a good movie, a serial or a good show of my choosing I could not watch it online or download it , and that’s where the entertainment part got impacted, which at times feels depressing.

So i am guess my life will definitely change in good way, once i get one.

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