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I beg for a Laptop

After high school, I developed a severe passion for the internet and how to make some money from there. I started reading about various ways of making money and blogging caught my attention. I then decided to start up a blog, but it was very challenging for me because I did not have a laptop or any computer. I later abandoned my first blog because I did not own any gadgets. More so, I didn’t waste time in gaining admission into the university. During my university days, I tried to continue to research, try out things, and learn through the internet, but I had less time because of academic work. That notwithstanding, my passion and desire to earn from the internet either as a side income or primary source of income was still burning. This zeal has been quite a sustainable one.
I graduated eight years ago with second class upper honors and with hopes of getting a lucrative job with the government or a multinational company. Still, my efforts in applying for jobs have been futile. They keep telling us that there are no jobs. Indeed, white-collar jobs are scarce, and all graduates should be creative and look towards creating jobs for themselves.

In my country, the few job opportunities have already been reserved for the children of the rich. Employment is no longer done on merit but man-know-man bases. Even those who graduated before me are still on the search for jobs.

It became very crucial for me to think of ways of earning a living without a white-collar job. I then pondered deeply on how to start up a business without income, and the internet was the next point of call. My android phone was very beneficial as I immediately jumped into the google search engine to search for various easy ways of making money online without any investment. I did some research and also read about a plethora of internet jobs. I stumbled on freelancing and the enormous benefits therein. I dug deeper, carried out more research, and discovered that I am comfortable with freelance content writing.
I took it up and started writing content for content mills.
So far, I have been able to use my mobile phone to complete some freelance content writing tasks. I see a bright future in freelance writing, but my biggest hindrance now is the lack of a Laptop. I am in dire need of a Laptop for quicker and easier online research and work delivery.

I am begging for a laptop to use for my online job. I intend to learn additional skills – coding, website design, and app development.

I am begging for a Laptop because learning these skills will boost my income and take me out of poverty. I cannot learn these digital skills with a mobile phone neither can I run the coding apps on the phone. A good Laptop is all that I need for now, and I would be very grateful if this plea is given a facelift.

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