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I beg for A laptop

Cheerful givers, I really need your help. I am a final year college student studying engineering but I hope that I won’t have an extra year. I am currently living with my mother who has been raising me alone since my father’s death. She worked as a maid in a rich man’s house but she was dismissed about two months ago because the rich man traveled abroad. Last month, each student was instructed by the school management to get a laptop for the class activities. I couldn’t inform my mother since I was aware of her recent dismissal from work. A few months ago, a professor gave us an assignment with a specific date to submit it. I tried to meet some of my classmates who has a laptop to borrow me theirs but they all insisted that they were using them. The assignment got due and I was unable to submit the assignment. I then got F in it, which means failure. The professor in charge of the assignment gave us a warning that 2 Fs in any of assignment, test, and Examination in each course will lead to an extra year for the student. I told my mother about the poor grade I had in the assignment due to the lack of a laptop. She wept bitterly and tried looking for another menial job but the wage was not enough to feed us per day let alone buying me a laptop.
Three weeks ago, the professor conducted his test and we were instructed to use the laptop as usual. Every student brought their laptops out but I couldn’t do anything. Fortunately for me, we were given 45 minutes and the girl sitting beside me finished her test within 30 minutes. I quickly borrowed her laptop which she felt reluctant but later gave it to me and I used it for the remaining 15 minutes. The result was out two days ago and my grade was D which means Pass. I believe that I would have scored A if I had my own laptop and I started at the proper time. Now, next week will decide my fate because it is fixed for that course examination and I haven’t got nor bought any laptop till this moment. Kindly help me out, I don’t want to have an F this time because that will be an extra year for me and my mother has not been giving any salary from the nanny job she just got and the salary is just enough to feed us daily. I don’t mind the model of the laptop you buy for me. All I need right now to be saved from failure and an extra year is A LAPTOP. Presently, a laptop would change my story for good and I am sure to make you proud. I will maintain the laptop properly and I will come out in flying colors. Moreso, I will always be grateful and always remember you for this help you want to render to me. Hoping to get a response from you soon. Thank you!

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