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I beg for a hover board

Hover board is a self-balancing two wheel scooter that works on a rechargeable battery and can be used to travel wherever we want, like, going shopping, riding to the school/college, or just getting to and from work. I wish to have one of these but I could not have it because I can not afford it, and that is why I beg for a hover board.

I want it because I will have to walk 20 minutes to reach the nearest grocery stores to my house, and again 20 minutes back. If I have it I might go to the grocery store and reach home in ten minutes, it will save me time and effort as well. It takes one trip to the grocery store and I feel tired because of so much walking.

I can also use it for going to the office, it will save me time there as well. Typically people prefer to have a motorbike, but a hover board interests me more and there are many reasons behind it.

Hover boards are eco-friendly, they do not emit any poisonous greenhouse gases and save the atmosphere from getting polluted further.

This device is handy and can be parked anywhere. There is no need to build a garage for it, it can be stored in any corner of my home. And it has very minimal maintenance cost.

It’s also very easy to use it. Controlling it is very simple, intuitive, and flexible to use. I don’t need to get special training to ride on it unlike motor bikes. By following the simple instructions included with the machine, I can start riding an electric hover board almost immediately after taking it out from the packaging.

I can ride on it to the bus stations and the train stations, and very conveniently carry it while commuting through trains or buses.

Hover boards may not look as if they’re very fast, but they can go up to 10 miles per hour, which is great.

Without it it’s very difficult for me to move around, or go to the office and come back. I waste so much energy and time on it, and I could not find any spare time for myself. It’s like I am a machine. There is no market near my home and even for a tiny thing I will have to walk for 20 minutes, and that too when I walk fast, normally it takes 30 minutes to cover one side of the distance. Every single day i feel more and more tired.

I am just going to work, coming back, eating and sleeping, and if after coming from office I will have to go out again to market, it feels next to impossible.

I know for some it might not be a big deal, but the hassle i am going through every day is becoming unbearable now and i am desperate to get it. It will definitely change my life in a very good way. I just wish that i could have it as early as possible to make life easy.

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