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I beg for a hand sanitizer

Complete handwashing is an essential and good way to stay healthy. By practicing it, the spread of illness can be lowered and diseases can be prevented. Hand washing becomes compulsory when there is cold and flu season. It is a stroke of bad luck that people who live in a village either do not know about the significance of hand sanitizer or they cannot afford to buy one.

I beg for a hand sanitizer. I cannot afford to have one. Basically, I am from those people who live in a village and cannot afford to have a sanitizer. I belong to a lower-middle-class family, or you can openly say that a poor family. Our family has more concern with a meal of times than these hand sanitizers. Food and survival are things that have more importance to my family.

As you all know that it is the age of COVID-19. This coronavirus has damaged the whole world. No one is safe these days. Social distancing is being practiced by each and every person. One of the best methods to beat the novel coronavirus is to wash the hands with good hand sanitizer as many times as possible in days, say the doctors.
Some people say to use any soap if you do not have access to a quality hand sanitizer. But in my area, local companies provide us local soaps that are not as effective as good soaps are expected to be. Using low-quality soap may harm us due to bad and harming ingredients that are used in them. What I think is that this novel coronavirus cannot be beaten with these local soaps that are being used by family these days.

No one likes to put his own life or the life of his dears and nears at risk. These days, people hesitate to come near each other. Doctors forbid to come to each other even if you are members of a single and same family. I have to go outside to do different tasks. I have to face different people even in these days. I do not have a sanitizer.

There are many children in my family. You know it is not possible for small children to sit at a place for a whole day. They like to play. As they are small, they do not understand the hardness of this situation. They play with dust. They also call other children from neighbors and play with them. As our family does not have access to a sanitizer, we are unable to completely wash the hands of those children.

If I get a hand sanitizer, I can make sure the safety of myself, my family, and those children who come to my home to play with the children of my family. Moreover, I will use hand sanitizer before I eat my meal and after finishing my meal. I will wash my hands thoroughly whenever I come back from outside. I will make sure my family members also use hand sanitizer. After coughing or sneezing, I will wash my hands. “Health is wealth,” said a wise.

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