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I beg for a hair dryer

A hairdryer is an electric machine that helps hair dry faster than normal time. It works in a way that it evaporates dampness present in the hair. Wet hair can be dried in no minutes with the help of a hairdryer. It is often considered that only girls use this hair dryer to dry their hair because they have long and thick hair. But what I think is that boys too need to have a hairdryer because they too have hair.

I beg for a hairdryer. I myself cannot afford to buy a hairdryer. It is due to many reasons. The most important reason is that I am not financially stable enough to buy a hairdryer for me. So, in clear words, I do not have money to buy it. I am a person who belongs to the most oppressed class of this society- a lower-middle-class family. To be accurate and precise, you may call the poor family.

I am an aesthetic person. Aesthetic persons love to look cool and handsome. I have long hair. My hair is thick too. I am a student. I get up early in the morning as I have to go to my college to attend my class on time. I have to take a shower daily in the morning before I leave for my class. As I take a shower, so my hair gets wet. It is irritant for me to go to college while my hair is wet. With wet hair, I cannot make styles of my hair. If I get a hairdryer, it will become easier for me to dry my hair early in the morning in no time. A hairdryer will give me the flexibility to apply different styles on my hair. I will be able to comb in the way I like.

It is not only me in my family who needs to have a hairdryer. There are six members in my family. All of them are mature. All of them are in need of a hairdryer as they all have hair. One hairdryer can solve the problem of half a dozen people who seriously needs it.

For men, any sort of hairdryer can be suitable to have the desired style by using a hell of natural volume. Men usually have shorter hair than women. Women usually have longer hair and that is natural. As women have long and thick hair, for them there is a need to use a stronger option. That is why it is necessary to check wattage before committing to a dryer. I request you to give me a hairdryer that can be used on both men and women as I do have both genders in my family- male and female.

A hairdryer might be of a few dollars for a philanthropist but it is too costly in my area to buy for a poor man who cannot afford to have it. So it is requested you that please buy me a hairdryer so that we might use it whenever I want.


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