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I beg for a good looking college bag

College bag is often used by students. Students carry their bags with them to their school, college or university. They keep essential things, that are required in their classroom, in their bags. It is used not only to carry different things but it is also a symbol of a student. Students are often identified by their bags that they carry on their backs. I am also a student. I go to college to get an education.

I beg for a good looking college bag. I have an old bag. I cannot afford to buy a new college bag from the market. My father does not give me the money to buy a new bag. In fact, he cannot give me because he is too poor to give me extra money. My whole family depends on the income of my father and the income of my father is too low. We are unable to think of buying things other than food items.

Being a student at a college, I am supposed to take a stylish bag to college. Unfortunately, I do not have a new and stylish bag. People from all types of backgrounds are in my class. Those who are rich carry flamboyant bags and they are proud of their bags. Some of my classmates are humble and they have average looking bags. I am the one who has below the average looking bag. I am in need to upgrade it.

People are very judgmental. They judge you by your appearance and things that you either wear or carry with you. If you do not carry up-to-date material, they will look at you with suspicious eyes. When anyone looks at my bag and scorns, it embarrasses me a lot. I want to overcome this embarrassment by having a new stylish bag.

My existing bag is too small to carry all my books and other essential things that I am supposed to use in my classroom. I want a bag that is big enough to carry all the necessary things. Books are not the only items that a student is supposed to take to a classroom. There are many other things like a laptop, the charger of the laptop, pen, pencils, mobile device, etc.

The bag should be enough strong to bear the burden of all the things that I mentioned above. If a bag is not strong enough to bear enough burden, it is of no use to buy such a bag. My old bag is not strong enough. I cannot carry all the things with me. In the morning, I have to select what item I can take with me. Sometimes, selection becomes too difficult for me. It makes me nervous. If a student goes to class while he is nervous, how he is supposed to absorb what teachers teach him the whole day. The mental well-being of a student is necessary.

If I get a new college bag, I will be able to get rid of all the problems that I mentioned above. My college life will be easy for me. I will be able to get an education with peace of mind.

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