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I beg for a laptop

I am currently stuck in South East Asia and my laptop has recently broken. I had come here to teach English abroad and have new experiences outside of my hometown, however with the coronavirus shutting down schools for months, I have run out of money, I cannot find a job, and I am unable to teach English online as I have no functional laptop.

I am from Johannesburg, South Africa, and have been living in South East Asia for three months going on four right now. I arrived here in January, just after the new year, with a hope to settle down for a month then find an English teaching position. With the virus situation showing no signs of stopping, the schools have not opened, and I am running out of money. I would love to be an independent person and not be begging for money, so I have chosen to beg for a laptop as that way I would be receiving a tool for my career and not just money that could be spent on anything. With a functional laptop I would be able to earn an income of roughly $1500 American dollars a month, which would be more than enough to cover my rent, expenses and even save a bit of money for the future.

The current situation here has resulted in the schools being shut and no definitive reopening date has been given, which has made it that much harder as there is no guarantee to when I could be beginning my work in the public school system here. The original estimate was two weeks delay, then another two, and so on and so forth. This has provided a lot of uncertainty in my future and the futures of everyone being affected by this virus.

This experience has taught me about the importance of planning ahead and saving for a rainy day, as I had expected I would only need savings for three months; one month of finding a job, one month of working, and then a month to tide me over while I await payday. Teaching English online has become a significant source of income for many of the English teachers in this region, and so it is something I can depend on to earn a living out here and support myself. I have attempted to find a position with one of the teaching platforms that allows the user to teach from their cellphone, but I have had no luck securing a job with those companies.

To conclude, I am begging for a functional laptop with a minimum 720p webcam to facilitate my teaching online. Such a laptop would allow me to be independent and grow as an individual. Being without work and funds has been a stressful experience that I would not wish on anybody, so a laptop would relieve an immense amount of stress from my life and take the weight of the world off my shoulders. I hope someone out there can help me out in these dire times.

Thank you for your understanding and I hope you have a great day.

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