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I beg for a full set of Cricket Equipment

Cricket is a popular game. It is played between two teams. Each team consists of eleven players. It is directly connected with our emotions. When some young men play for their country and represent it globally, We become emotionally attached and started feeling proud too. I am a cricket freak and I love to play and watch cricket. I have started watching cricket since 2006 and after some time when I understand the basics, I started playing too with my friends. There is a saying that cricket is a gentlemen’s game. I believe that it’s true. In 2007, t-20 Worldcup was arranged in South Africa. I enjoyed that tournament especially the Indian team’s performance was outstanding. Yuvraj Singh played his career-best tournament ever, even I have never witnessed that type of blasting performance what he consistently did.

Cricket has always inspired me. It gives a lot of fun to enjoy every moment. From this inspiration, I had started playing cricket regularly. When I was in class seven in elementary school I joined the schools’ cricket club. My school cricket club Has done a great favor on me especially Mr. Saharun Sir, he helped me a lot to learn and practice cricket in an efficient way. Later, I had joined a local private club to learn and practice cricket. After I passed the twelfth grade I get myself admitted into a university. As I have relevant skill sets my dept recommends my name to the university cricket club to give me their membership and an opportunity to represent my university. Now I play for my university team as an allrounder. Recently I am facing a problem with the required pieces of equipment as I own no personal equipment. I have found no sponsor. I need a full set of necessary cricket equipment to carry on my journey.

I am begging for a set of cricket equipment. As an aspiring cricketer, I badly need that equipment to continue my practice and play for my university team. But I can not help to start playing without that equipment. I feel ashamed because everyone has their own things without me. Without cricket I’m nothing. I want to build a strong career as a cricketer and my family needs me to help them. So, it’s very significant for me to try my best from my end. I like to entertain people by giving an extraordinary performance like Brian Lara, Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Virat Kholi and M.S Dhoni, etc. I have learned cricked by watching these legends. They are my idols. I worship their playing style. A new set of equipment will boost up my current situation. I am looking forward to some kind person who wants to help me and will provide an opportunity to grow with my skill sets. Once again for the last time, I’m begging for your help so that I can overcome this harsh situation and establish my career. God will help you too anyway and I’ll pray for your best luck.

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