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I beg for A foodstuff

I beg for Foodstuffs
It is no longer news that Coronavirus disease is currently shaking everywhere in the world. I am a gardener in one university and my wife sells fruits but this pandemic disease has undoubtedly affected my work because my country is presently in a total lockdown for the last three weeks and we are unable to work. I stay indoors with my family all day and within one week, we had finished all the food we had in the house.

Initially, our government ordered a curfew but when pandemic disease continued spreading and they then enforced a lockdown. Financial stable people got their houses stored with food and they eat regularly unlike we that believe in “work and eat”. My family and I rarely eat once in a day because neither I nor my wife was not allowed to work. Our government ordered a total lockdown with no provision for our welfares while staying indoor in the lockdown. If Coronavirus doesn’t kill people, hunger will kill them and that is why I am begging for foodstuffs for me and my family. I don’t want to see any of us escape coronavirus disease but die of hunger.

At this very moment, we are starving and we don’t have any food at home to eat. It is a sad thing to witness my child’s death due to this hunger three days ago. My eldest child about 14 years old sneaked out of the house to find food to eat but she was shot dead by an armed man who came for a robbery attack. She was been chased for coming out during the lockdown and then shot in the head while running. That is what the lockdown has done to my family and I don’t want to see any of my children die again.

I am battling with a stomach ulcer and so is my wife. Hence, food is very essential for us to stay alive but we don’t have it. No one knows when the Coronavirus disease will end and also stop spreading, which then means the day that our hunger would stop is yet unknown but I believe your help can get us out from this bad situation. It would be a bad thing to run away from a disease that kills and be at home for hunger that can also kill.

I am aware that this site is filled with good and loyal philanthropists and that was the reason I decided to visit this site to make my requests known. To everyone reading this, I really need your help. I am not begging for many foodstuffs but any quantity would be appreciated and it will also save my family from the death of hunger. I pray that you continue to have more as you help me out. I don’t need any other things but foodstuffs only. My wife and I are tired of watching our children starve and cry. I don’t want them to have ulcers too. I really need your intervention. My family and I would be really grateful if you help us with the foodstuffs in this hard time.

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