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I beg for a flight home.

Hello,I am an English teacher living abroad in Vietnam and am looking for help in returning home. My home country has not provided any sort of assistance in repatriating citizens and so I have been left here with no possibility for income as the schools here have been shutdown and have now been paying rent and all my bills without any income for three months and would likely to continue to have to pay for my survival without any form of income for the months to come. Because of this, I believe it would be best for me to return home, however I and my family do not have the money to purchase a flight ticket, and we are concerned about taking out a loan which we could not repay.

I had decided to come out here to be an English teacher and better myself about nine months ago. I researched the potential and realistic earnings for an English teacher in Vietnam as well as how much money I would need to do a Teaching English as a Foreign Language course (TEFL), how much my living expenses would be, how much it costs fly to Vietnam and the cost of living in Vietnam, but the one thing I had not seriously considered is the savings I would need to survive should I not be able to find employment.

I did my TEFL course, saved up money to come to Vietnam and had begun my job search, however with the novel coronavirus situation we have at hand, the school system has been shut down very quickly after I had arrived. I have been applying for work, but the public schools do not have a concrete starting date, and each proposed date has been pushed back further and further. With these issues, it has been impossible to begin work and become properly adjusted to life here in Vietnam.

I had been an optimist before I arrived, believing I would find work easily and all would be well, however, I have now learned the importance of having a safety net before quitting ones job and moving on in search of greener pastures. So I am writing this here today in search of a safety net that can help me return home, where I will not need to be paying bills and such expenses, and where I can be with my family in these tumultuous times.

If any of you could find it in your heart to donate to me  with a flight ticket and help me return home, I would be endlessly grateful. This has been a learning experience that I am glad to have had but regret having to have experienced it like this. I wish to grow from this and to prepare myself better in the future.

As my mother has always said, beggars cannot be choosers, so although I am asking for a return flight ticket to South Africa, any aide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your time.

Have a great day.

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